Your business is shaped by the quality of your people—the knowledge and skills they bring to their jobs. A strong commitment to a rich culture of learning and development simply makes good business sense. Your employees’ skills are continually evolving and developing. The process of measurement, training and coaching is never-ending.

How can we help you monitor your customers and employees’ perspectives and satisfaction?

Assessing your customers’ perspectives and satisfaction and your employees’ performance should not be a one-time event! The nature of business today requires that skills are consistently and constantly updated. This is central to the overall success of the business. Our measurement programs are tuned to gain the feedback and measureable data to provide you with current performance levels and perceptions.

How can we support your need to provide your staff with the continued skill development they need?

Regardless of how good the quality of any training was at the time, the learning deteriorates over time. Just as the muscles of a bodybuilder need to be worked constantly to keep them in shape, so too do employees need to use what they have learned. We have options to support your ongoing training efforts, whether they be through onsite workshops for specific groups or for your entire company, or through live web-training, we bring you the support and tools needed for your ongoing efforts with performance improvement.

Every professional team has a coach. Do your teams have a coach?

Our approach to support your staff’s training and development while achieving their professional competencies stems from a collaborative approach between the coach and the employee. We provide a collaborative effort to support your coaches with ongoing coach calibration sessions as frequently as desired or needed. Becoming an effective coach is a process, and not a one-time event. We provide the structure for coaches to develop, enhance and expand their coaching effectiveness

What Other Are Saying . . .

“The Sales and Management Training sessions were highly interactive and kept everyone engaged and attentive. After the training sessions, our staff implemented some of the techniques they learned in your sessions, and they immediately saw a difference in the way our customers interacted with them . . . a positive difference! The feedback we’ve received concerning your training sessions has been excellent; things like ‘best training I’ve ever had’, ‘it has really opened my eyes to so much that I need to work on’, and ‘bring Dave back’.

We’re very happy with your training sessions and plan to build on that training to improve customer relationships, both inside and outside our company. Would I recommend Measure-X? Absolutely!”

Susan Fairchild, Foothills Telephone Cooperative