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Your insight on customers, customer service and the importance of your relationship with your customers has a financial impact on your company’s bottom line!


Take a minute to review the statements below.  Pass this quiz along to all those who interact with customers!

Never                  Rarely                  Occasionally                 Often                  Always

  1. I treat each customer as if he or she was the only customer I would have for the day.
  2. I smile every time I interact with a customer in person and on the telephone.
  3. When I am feeling a little overwhelmed or things are just really busy, I tell myself that if it weren’t for the customers, I wouldn’t have a job.
  4. I look at things from the customer’s perspective.
  5. If I can’t help a customer, I find someone who can.
  6. I think of the customer as my boss.
  7. If I’m in a bad mood, I make sure it doesn’t show at work.
  8. When a customer complains, I realize that it is just an opportunity to solve the problem because the customer wants to continue to be a loyal customer.
  9. If I am having a tough day, I try to turn it around so it doesn’t impact the customer.
  10. I work hard to exceed customer expectations.

So how did you do?  If you gave this trivia quiz to others, how did they do? Do you have a different perception of the impact your actions can have on your customers?

The relationship you have with your customer and the manner in which your customer is treated has an immediate financial impact on the company’s bottom-line.

Do you know what one of your customers is worth to your company? What does it actually cost to lose a customer?  What does it cost to acquire a new customer?