Why should you recognize employees beyond their salary? 
Recognizing and applauding an employee’s contribution is critical to reinforcing a desired behavior.  Without some expression of appreciation, the enthusiasm and hard work required for further improvement is likely to diminish.

Someone who is commended for an achievement usually responds by producing even better results.  Ultimately, the employer can expect that the result will translate into cost savings, quality improvements, and strengthened customer relationships.

What are the components of a solid recognition program?

Measurement – with measurement, an organization can know which processes are working efficiently and effectively, what products and services are meeting quality standards and most importantly, whether or not customer requirements are being satisfied. Measurement can help you establish quality standards.

Knowledge – measurement gives you information which in turn is knowledge. This gives you control. It provides you with specific information needed to steer your company through uncertain waters.

Recognition – Provides the incentive for people to change their behaviors.

How much does an incentive program cost?

Many factors are involved from the frequency to the level of recognition.  Call today for a free consultation and quote!