See your business through your customers’ eyes!

Knowing your customers’ perspective can help you avoid getting sidetracked as you consider your options for sustainability and growth. Understanding your customers and being able to satisfy their needs is crucial to the strength of your business.

Performance measurement systems are an important way for you to gain vital information about what’s happening now in your customers’ experiences, which allows you to manage your teams’ performance proactively.

What Others Are Saying . . .

“We also use Measure-X to do our Mystery Shops and Customer Satisfaction Interviews each month. These tools allow us to keep our pulse on our care/sales skills and our customers’ perspectives on our service, along with suggestions for improvement. We have seen as much as 80% improvement in some of our Mystery Shop scores.

I would highly recommend Measure-X to any company that wants to improve their care standards, increase revenues and stop customer churn!”

Marcie Nichols, Fidelity Communications

How Do We Evaluate Your Business?

With your input, we customize evaluations and measurements to fit your needs.
Some of the common methods of evaluation used are:

  • Mystery shop customer service and/or sales situations
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys performed by telephone with customers
  • Employee surveys
  • On-site inspections

How Often Will We Evaluate Your Business?
As often as you would like! The best results happen with ongoing measurement to assure your service and competitive edge!

How Will You Know The Results?
We provide you with accurate and reliable reports in a concise and usable fashion. These tools help you to focus management resources effectively. Feedback is key – the more you know what your customers think and want, the easier it will be to meet their needs.

So We Evaluate Your Business, Now What?
The results and feedback can become your standards for Excellence. Identifying strengths as well as opportunities for improvement help you to fine tune your systems and confidently meet the needs of your employees and customers.  We can help you develop training or coaching programs specific to your staff development needs.