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It can be difficult to upsell or suggest additional services. These missed opportunities provide not only another revenue source but serve to bring additional value and deepen the relationship with your customers. We will explore . . .

  • What are transitional phrases and how to use them
  • Why identifying need is vital to selling additional services
  • How to improve the skills of your staff to upsell your services

We will also explore personality profiling as a valuable tool to gain insights into the interaction style, personality traits, and behavioral tendencies of individuals – in other words, they assess job fit from a behavioral perspective.
An expert on personality profile assessments, Dave Haddox from Hiring Solutions, will share his strategies on using personality profiling instruments to support your staff for improved sales and service performance.

An understanding of what a personality profile can tell you

  • How to identify and hire the best person for a sales position
  • How matching the scope of responsibilities to your staff reduces stress and improves morale, retention, customer satisfaction and productivity

Dave Saxby has spent the last seventeen years working exclusively with rural telephone and power companies helping them to measure and improve the service experience they provide their customers.  Measure-X specializes in industry-specific customer service and sales training along with support systems for the development of your coaching and management performance.

Hiring Solutions ( has helped companies in all types of industries throughout the country by providing consulting services and assessments that enable clients to make comprehensive hiring and management decisions based on more than just a gut feel.  As 23 year experts in occupational assessments they bring valuable insight into tools and procedures to help you select, support, coach and train your employees to reach their full potential.


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