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Landline is dying. No surprise there. The good news is that there is Life After Landline, and this complimentary webinar is the first in a multi-part series addressing several different aspects of Life After Landline! There are three distinct areas that challenge most telcos and their sales results: customer retention, competition and sales reluctance. Any one of these is a challenge, but when all three come into play the negative impact can be significant! The harsh reality is that every single employee is responsible for selling, regardless of their role with your organization. This webinar will provide you with tips on how to empower your staff for enhanced sales results.

  • How to identify why customers are leaving you
  • Tips to help reduce customer churn
  • Understanding what sets you apart from your competition
  • How to sell your benefits when the competition is selling for less
  • How to reduce sales reluctance from your sales people
  • Engaging your I&R Techs and Help Desk Representatives in the sales process

Dave Saxby has spent the last seventeen years working exclusively with rural telephone and power companies helping them to measure and improve the service experience they provide their customers. Measure-X specializes in industry-specific customer service and sales training along with support systems for the development of your coaching and management performance.