Categories : De-escalation Difficult Situation


Anyone who has dealt with a difficult customer knows how the experience can impact your attitude and performance. The difficult customer can break one’s concentration, raise stress levels, and rob effectiveness with other customers. Unfortunately many times the customer is left frustrated, or even worse, angry, which may likely lead to future difficulties. This complimentary webinar will provide techniques to help de-escalate real-life difficult customer situations, with high bills and delinquent customers being the top two! Learn how to empower your staff to minimize the negative impact of challenging encounters.

    • How to remain in control of any situation
    • Learning to be an empathetic listener
    • Recognizing the root source of most misunderstandings
    • Tips on de-escalating high bill complaints
    • Working with delinquent customers for positive and successful outcomes
    • Simple technique to eliminate future misunderstandings and repair damaged relationships


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