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Turning a challenge into an opportunity – that is the goal of effective conflict resolution! So how do you do that when you’re bubbling up inside with different emotions while the other person is downloading, sometimes nicely and sometimes not, everything anybody did wrong!
There are some basic skills that when demonstrated will help to achieve the end result, and that is to have turned a challenge into an opportunity! We all have a basic need to be heard when we are upset. With the correct attitude and active listening, the path to identifying a resolution is much easier.
This seminar will provide you with tools and techniques that can help your team have an immediate and positive impact on challenging situations while maintaining professionalism and sanity. You will come away with an understanding and ideas on how to empower your staff to turn a problem into a win-win situation!

• How to identify the root source of most customer misunderstandings
• Practical ways to keep from getting upset and unraveled
• How to effectively de-escalate emotional customers
• How to keep from being intimidated by overbearing customers