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Utilities with new positions to fill face two problems – an overwhelming number of applicants and the challe

Everyone loves to belong, to be a part of something. How about the employees at your utility? Do they feel the

In this rapidly changing economy, one of the biggest challenges telephone companies and other industries face

If you were to review the memories of your youth, chances are there was a teacher, friend, family acquaintance

War in Iraq. Terrorist attacks overseas. Terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. Soft economie

Extraordinary customer service will get you there Utilities that want more customers, more sales and higher pr

Everyone likes to be appreciated and employees at utility companies are no exception. But do they know they

E-mail has become a popular communication tool for people and businesses. With e-mail so widely available, why

Top-notch service helps telcos retain their existing customers. Consistency of service is the key, and your em

Utilities provide service to their customers every day, often over the phone. Customers call to buy a product