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“Puttin’ on the Ritz” is a well-known expression for high quality and utilities could learn much from th

Depending on where your utility is located, you may have already received your first call of the winter-heatin

It’s my job to help telecom service providers improve their customer service practices and increase sales of

Most businesses say it’s their customer service that sets them apart. How many times in the last 30 days hav

Every company wants to make sales and it should come as no surprise that salespeople are a critical part of th

Rural telephone companies across the country are experiencing a new challenge as many longtime employees reach

There are a few things that all public power utilities have in common. They all want to enhance corporate resu

When the Internet craze first started, many companies created Web sites because a lot of other companies had t

A potential customer walks into your office.  Her name is Jane and she has decided to move her kids out of th

When a rural telephone company loses a customer, it does not lose one sale but a lifetime opportunity of profi