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Landline is dying. No surprise there. The good news is that there is Life After Landline, and this complimenta

Every customer who either walks into or telephones your business has a need. If your employees satisfy your cu

Haven’t most of us heard one of our elders say, “Practice Makes Perfect!”  The wisdom of our elders mos

As you prepare to close out another year of serving customers, you should be asking an important question: 

Have you experienced the “Wal-Mart Mentality” with any of your customers, where customers expect you to ha

Customers are not just a source of revenue for your company; they’re a potential gold mine for referrals tha

Modern selling strategies are centered on relationship selling. One’s ability to develop and maintain long-t

Every utility looks for ways to increase revenues and selling products beyond traditional power generation is

I recently called a company to make a purchase. A woman answered the phone and her voice was warm and friendly

It’s my job to help telecom service providers improve their customer service practices and increase sales of