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I recently called a company to make a purchase. A woman answered the phone and her voice was warm and friendly

Customers contact your utility every day. They have a problem. They need help understanding their bill. They

When the Internet craze first started, many companies created Web sites because a lot of other companies had t

When a rural telephone company loses a customer, it does not lose one sale but a lifetime opportunity of profi

The Pygmalion Effect comes from Greek mythology. Pygmalion, the King of Cyprus, carved an ivory statue of the

Customer service is simply people serving people.  Employees at your utility are the people who create a serv

If you were to review the memories of your youth, chances are there was a teacher, friend, family acquaintance

Extraordinary customer service will get you there Utilities that want more customers, more sales and higher pr

Everyone likes to be appreciated and employees at utility companies are no exception. But do they know they

Utilities provide service to their customers every day, often over the phone. Customers call to buy a product