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1.  Make your customers feel important.  Call your customers by name. Ask about their families, vacation pla

If we asked your managers and your front-line employees what makes your company different and better, what wou

Most businesses say it’s their customer service that sets them apart. How many times in the last 30 days hav

Have you ever been out to eat and had a terrible customer-service experience and as you are leaving, the host

These are challenging times for customer service.  Not just because of the economy, but because communication

Haven’t most of us heard one of our elders say, “Practice Makes Perfect!”  The wisdom of our elders mos

For most utilities, product knowledge and experience are important to both the company and the customer.  And

Customers really don’t care if you are having a bad day or just took a call from an agitated customer. What

There isn’t a company in existence that doesn’t make a mistake from time to time that impacts cust

Research shows that customers form first impressions about their interaction with a customer service represent