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Different needs motivate different people. Some of us are motivated by power, others by the need for achieveme

Who doesn’t like change?  At the beginning of almost every training session I ask for a show of hands from

Haven’t most of us heard one of our elders say, “Practice Makes Perfect!”  The wisdom of our elders mos

As you prepare to close out another year of serving customers, you should be asking an important question: 

For most utilities, product knowledge and experience are important to both the company and the customer.  And

When you contact a company and are greeted or met by an individual, do you care what her title is or what her

There are a lot of challenges to running a successful company. That’s why it’s more important than ever th

Office squabbles aren’t much different than those we experience at home. Because we can’t typicall

Most of us have at one time or another had to deal with individuals who are “sour grapes” or have a negati

Every utility looks for ways to increase revenues and selling products beyond traditional power generation is