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Anyone who has dealt with a difficult customer knows how the experience can impact your attitude and performan

Have you ever been out to eat and had a terrible customer-service experience and as you are leaving, the host

With today’s economy as it is, you are likely experiencing an increase in customer complaints.  And if you

There isn’t a company in existence that doesn’t make a mistake from time to time that impacts cust

It’s impossible to make every customer happy all the time, but I strongly recommend that customer service re

Office squabbles aren’t much different than those we experience at home. Because we can’t typicall

Depending on where your utility is located, you may have already received your first call of the winter-heatin

Customer service is simply people serving people.  Employees at your utility are the people who create a serv

In this rapidly changing economy, one of the biggest challenges telephone companies and other industries face

Outside the city of El Paso, Texas, sits Damian Elementary School. This is a school with a 90 percent Hispanic