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It’s no great surprise that customers who call with any kind of question — billing, account status, product information, technical assistance, etc. — want their questions answered as quickly as possible. Faster resolution equates to lower support costs. For basic issues, this may be accomplished on the customer’s first inbound call; for more technical or complex issues, multiple contacts are often inevitable. Some issues require research and cannot be resolved on the spot. In either case, ongoing communication with the customer while the problem is being resolved is the critical factor.

Call center company SQM Group reports that for every 1% improvement you make in FCR, you get a 1% improvement in customer satisfaction, too. They also found that on average, customer satisfaction drops by 15% every time a customer has to call back about the same issue.

Carroll EMC implemented a strategic initiative called “Right Steps’ that is now generating best-in-class performance in first-call resolution of 90%, outpacing over 60 cooperatives nationwide participating in TSE Services’ Member Satisfaction Tracking System. Susan Lester, Director of Member Services for Carroll EMC will be sharing the steps they implemented for their successful approach to FCR and Call Monitoring. They are a great example of what happens when a company works together to improve the member experience.

Bullet points of what they will get from this webinar?

  • What prompted Carroll EMC to choose their approach to FCR?
  • How did they develop their approach?
  • What did they do to ensure their success?
  • Defining what constitutes FCR
  • Identifying why customers have to call back 2 or more times
  • How to improve FCR


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