“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

 Winston Churchill

Are Bad Attitudes Getting Old?

Most of us have at one time or another probably had to deal with individuals who are “sour grapes” or have a negative attitude and in all likelihood, we have all been guilty of having been a “sour grape!”  Worse yet is working in an environment that overall is negative on an everyday basis.

Sometimes there are understandable triggers, such as downsizing, workload increases or some kind of change which leads to negative energy.  But other times bad attitudes just become a way of life and a pattern or habit.

But whatever the cause, these symptoms are usually indicative of negativity in the workplace:


-Complaining and whining

-Focusing on problems instead of looking for solutions

-Poor customer service

-Lower productivity

So, what can you do to mitigate negative attitudes? Here are a few simple ideas:

  1. Don’t get hooked into complaint sessions and gossip.  When faced with negative conversations, try changing the subject or switch the focus to a discussion of what can be done about it (solution-oriented).
  2. Focus on solutions not problems and issues not people.  Identify the positives each day and talk about them.  Recognize even the smallest actions that bring positive results.
  3. Hold team meetings and invite everyone on the staff to share their creative ideas on how to make the work environment more enjoyable.  Make sure these are facilitated well to keep it from becoming a gripe session.
  4. Model positive behavior.  Remember that while attitudes and great service start at the top of the organization, every single person is responsible for their own attitude!  Managers who want their employees to have positive attitudes must demonstrate what that looks like through role modeling — every day.
  5. Acknowledge negativity because ignoring it will not make it go away.  Pay attention to the frustrations and negative feelings and then ask      the employee for their suggestions regarding what to do about the problems.
  6. Check your own attitude!  If you find yourself faced with a bad attitude every day, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself why.

Your attitude about your life and your situation is entirely within your control.  Life and time are precious. So don’t let negativity bring you or others down … be a part of the solution and not the problem.

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