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When the Internet craze first started, many companies created Web sites because a lot of other companies had t

A potential customer walks into your office.  Her name is Jane and she has decided to move her kids out of th

When a rural telephone company loses a customer, it does not lose one sale but a lifetime opportunity of profi

The Pygmalion Effect comes from Greek mythology. Pygmalion, the King of Cyprus, carved an ivory statue of the

Customer service is simply people serving people.  Employees at your utility are the people who create a serv

Everyone loves to belong, to be a part of something. How about the employees at your utility? Do they feel the

If you were to review the memories of your youth, chances are there was a teacher, friend, family acquaintance

War in Iraq. Terrorist attacks overseas. Terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. Soft economie

E-mail has become a popular communication tool for people and businesses. With e-mail so widely available, why

Are You Losing Business to Your Competition? Let Mary Jane Show the Way to Improved Sales A bit ago my wife Ke